Maintain a Healthy Lawn with Our Lawn Mowing Services in the Medicine Hat Area

How do you properly mow a lawn? Not sure? Turn to Medicine Hat’s lawn mowing experts for your regular lawn mowing, detailing and cleanup services. We’ve been offering lawn mowing services to our residential and commercial customers for more than 20 years. Our team of experts will help you maintain a well-manicured lawn that is healthier and resistant to weeds, diseases and insects.

Expert Tips

Q: Don’t forget to keep your mower blades sharp!
A: Clean cuts are important! You may need to sharpen your blade several times per season. Dull blades tear the leaves causing discoloration and making the lawn more susceptible to insects and disease.
Q: Do not cut grass too short
A: Short lawns are less tolerant to stress and more prone to weeds and disease. Cut grass when it becomes one third taller than desired height. If a mowing is missed, cut halfway back to intended height, wait and then mow to desired height a few days later.
Q: Is it better to cut grass high or low?

A: Different grasses or grass blends have different requirements.

Eco grass

  • 6 types of rugged and fine fescues
  • Mow two to three times per year, not more than once per month
  • Cut height three to four inches.

Kentucky bluegrass

Mow when grass becomes one third taller than desired height. Cut height should be no less than:

  • Two to three inches in cooler wet temperatures
  • Three to four inches in hot dry temperatures

Tall Fescue

  • Mow when grass becomes one third taller than desired height
  • Cut height should be three and a half inches
  • The taller height allows more sun-catching leaf surface to gather energy
Q: To bag or not to bag?


  • Bag the grass only when the clippings clump or if your lawn has excessive thatch
  • Removing grass clippings can increase fertilizer requirements by 20-30%
  • Contrary to popular belief, mulch mowing does not lead to thatch formation
Q: Few more tips!


  • Cut grass when it is dry
  • Avoid cutting wet grass
  • Vary your mowing pattern with each cut to avoid soil compaction and wheel rutting

In case of further questions or tips regarding our mowing services, please reach out to us today! We’ll be happy to mow your lawn and keep it clean.