Efficient Blowout Services in the Medicine Hat Area

Winter is just around the corner; it’s important to winterize your sprinkler system before it’s too late! Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd provides efficient blowout services for residential customers. Attaching an air compressor to the sprinkler system keeps the water from freezing, thus avoiding cracking or bursting of the pipes.

We can repair and blowout water sprinkler systems for your home; call us to schedule a free estimate.

Why Is It Important to Have Your Sprinkler System Blown out Professionally?

Your sprinkler system is the most long-lasting appliance in your house. When properly taken care of, it can last for up to 30-50 years!
Have a look at some of the scenarios our customers share regarding our services:

Auto Drain Systems

“I have an auto-drain sprinkler system so it doesn’t need to be blown out.”

An auto drain sprinkler system has a spring that closes when there is pressure and opens when the sprinklers are done watering, and allows the remaining water in the lines to drain out. Basically you trust a $5.00 spring to protect a $2000.00+ system. Fingers crossed! There are no cracks or deficiencies in the line which cause this spring to fail.

Air Compressors

“I blew out my own system with my garage compressor and never had an issue.”

Home compressors offer an average rating of 3-5 CFM (cubic foot per minute). The compressors used by Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd have a rating of 185 CFM which mimics water. To properly blow out a system not only pressure is needed – volume is the key! Too much pressure and not enough CFM cause excessive wear and tear on the sprinkler system. The longer it takes to blow out a line the more damage it does to sprinkler heads.

Not Doing Anything

“I didn’t blow out my sprinklers last year and they’re fine.”

In certain cases people have gotten lucky. They don’t blow out their system, and it never freezes. In many of these cases, the reason for this “luck” is simple! There is a deficiency somewhere in the system causing water to leak out, costing extra money every time they water. Having Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd perform a sprinkler blowout can catch many deficiencies thus saving money in the long run.

Our Method

Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd uses only professional grade compressors that provide 80-90 psi with 185 CFM of air. We can blow out multiple zones at a single time, quickly and efficiently, thus reducing wear and tear on the sprinkler system.

Why Choose Diamond Cut Lawn Services

When a business or person providing work does not have insurance, the client is liable for any and all injuries or property damages. This is an important fact to remember. They may be cheaper but are they worth the risk?

Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd is a locally owned, family operated company that’s been in business for the last 25 years. We have the proper business licenses and insurance plans, and stand behind all the work completed by our employees. Contact us to opt for any of our services today!


Q: Why do I pay the standard price for a blowout when I only have 3 zones?
A: The number of zones to be blown out is completely irrelevant. The simplicity of hookup(s), quality of the irrigation system and number of zones we can open at a single time to blow out while maintaining proper pressure is the key. We have blown out 12-zone systems quicker and with more ease than a 3-zone system.