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Soil Conditioner – Humates (Humic & Fulvic Acids) 

100% People, Pet, and Environmentally Safe

Diamond Cut Lawn Services Ltd. is pleased to announce we are offering a new eco-friendly option in our lawn care packages. It is the first step we are taking to diversify our packages so our clients can benefit by having more options available to make choices they feel is the right fit for their lifestyle. Your input is essential; if you are interested in eco-friendly options please let us know as we will be scaling our eco-friendly packages on customer demand and as a result making more eco-friendly options available in 2021.
Humates works at the root of all issues and improves the fertility of the soil. Humates are comprised of humic and fulvic acids. Put simply, these are the holy grail of organic compounds and are widely regarded as essential to soil fertility. Humates are the only known substance with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient in the soil, which enables heightened nutrient absorption. Listed below are a few of the benefits from continued applications of humates:
  • Increases the organic material content of the soil resulting in improved soil structure. Hard packed clay soils become less compacted and sandy soils get improved moisture retention.
  • Increases water holding capacity of soil resulting in less watering needed to sustain plant growth.
  • Helps plants resist drought.
  • Increased soil aeration.
  • Increases fertilizer retention, releasing nutrients as needed to growing plants.
  • The humic acid in humates increases the permeability of the plant cell wall while the fulvic acid helps to carry nutrients to the plant.
  • Helps prevent nutrient leaching by keeping fertilizers in the soil longer preventing runoff that can pollute water systems.
  • Increases the efficacy of herbicides due to increased cell wall permeability resulting in greater product uptake by the plant.
  • Humates help break down residual herbicides quicker preventing runoff that can pollute water systems.
  • Limits effects of salinity in soils through chelation of excess salts helping reduce the effects of salt stress on plants.
  • Establishes a desirable environment for microorganism development in the soil which over time will help prevent thatch build up.
  • Helps in the battle against dog pee spots by reducing the buildup of urea in the soil and aids in odor control.
  • Helps rid soil of toxins through chelation.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Humates are applied via spray application anytime during the spring, summer, and fall. This product can be applied to all areas of your yard (lawn, garden and flowerbeds) and does not need to be watered in after. Two applications are recommended per year but a third application during summer months helps gives the soil an added boost during tough drought periods.
Above is a picture of a lawn in late summer with humates and synthetic fertilizer application on the left and just synthetic fertilizer application on the right.

This is a long-term product for long term benefits that continues to improve soil conditions over time with consistent use. This product works synergistically with synthetic fertilizers by improving the uptake of the fertilizer while at the same time improving soil conditions. With continued applications less watering is required due to increased water retention in the soil, fewer synthetic fertilizers are required over time due to increased nutrient availability in the soil. There is increased organic matter added to the soil which also increases the numbers of beneficial microorganisms resulting in improved break down of thatch and less mowing is required due to less top growth and increased root growth. Just like with any organic material, results are seen over an extended period of time and keep improving soil health with continuous applications.

April 21, 2020
Grass condition
May 26, 2020
Soil Conditioner Only. (No fertilizer applied.)

May 22, 2020
Soil Conditioner added to dog pee areas

June 27, 2020
Results from Soil Conditioner & overseeding

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